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Cloud infrastructure compliant with HIPAA Security Rule

Cloud service providers implement shared responsibility model where they manage security "of the cloud" and leave security "in the cloud" to be managed by the customer. We are helping you close this gap and make sure your cloud infrastructure is entirely secure and complies with HIPAA Security Rule.

What does that mean in more detail? We must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all ePHI you create, receive, maintain or transmit. To achieve this your cloud infrastructure will have following features.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

  • Isolated area in the cloud
  • Prevent unauthorized network access

Network access controls (VPN)

  • Highly secure encrypted connection to cloud resources
  • Suitable for administrative tasks and maintenance

Encryption of data at rest

  • Secures data stored in the cloud
  • Data available only to your applications

Encryption of data in transit

  • Secures data transmitted over network
  • Data available only to your application and recipient

Load balancing

  • Ensures availability of the application and data in case of
  • Load increase, or
  • Hardware outage

Automated backups

  • Reliably stored in multiple locations
  • Reduce time to recovery in case of emergency

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Who is this service for?

Healthcare companies with a need to run HIPAA compliant applications in the cloud.

You can use several ways to get there:

  • Use all-in-one PaaS product until it gets too expensive and limiting
  • Ask your developers to create cloud infrastructure

Last option when you build this in-house is a good way but you'll have to spend time and money on education of your development team in cloud infrastructure, security and HIPAA regulations areas.

There is another way, if you want it done right and fast. Outsource your cloud infrastructure setup and configuration task to experts. We've got a significant expertise in this area and capable of providing you with highly professional solution and further consultation along the way.

Our most successful clients share the following attributes:

  • You prefer to focus on your core business and leave other tasks to professionals
  • You value deep expertise and solutions built specifically to meet your goals
  • You want to move your application(s) in to the cloud fast, at least before your competitors
  • You are willing to build stable foundation for your application(s) long term success

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is required from my side?

  • Select your cloud service provider (CSP)
  • Select HIPAA cloud package, or
  • Discuss your specific requirements with us
  • Create your CSP account and grant us access

Can you sign NDA?
Yes, sure. We will sign NDA and a services agreement with you.

How much time it's going to take?
About 2-3 days for basic cloud package. About a week for more complex configurations.

What's the price?
Depends on your CSP and selected package. Basic package pricing starts from $599.

What will be my overall bill for provisioned cloud resources?
There is no simple answer. It heavily depends on your CSP, provisioned resources and monthly utilization. We can provide a high level estimate for your specific use case. Typical basic package deployment will be within $100 per month.

Can you help us with further cloud maintenance?
Yes of course. We are aiming to build long term relationship with our clients, so we are available for further maintenance, troubleshooting and any questions related to your cloud infrastructure.

Ready to move forward? We are happy to help!

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